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Hummingbirds II

You can't get too much of these guys


Day 20. It's been about a week since mom stopped sitting on these guys to keep them warm. Now they're as big as she is. Tomorrow should be the day if is right.


Day 21. When I came downstairs and looked out, just this one little guy was still sitting in the nest. Pam said when she looked out earlier, there was one in the nest and one standing on a twig next to the nest (must have been working up his courage). There's no sign of the other guy or mom.


Day 21. It's been about a half hour since my first Day 21 picture, and I went back to the kitchen window and the last little guy was standing on a twig next to the nest. I grabbed my camera and started to pull up the blinds so I could get a picture, and as soon as moved the blinds he buzzed off and landed on the railing at the back of the yard like he'd been flying all his life. I went outside and he started buzzing around the yard, hovering near flowers, just like a pro. I was so proud. Now we've just got this empty nest now, and it's kind of lonely. One hummingbird (Pam thinks it's mom) is still hanging around the yard though. Pam saw her come back with a bug, and when she saw the empty nest she just ate the bug herself.