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2001 Outings

Here's some pictures of our 2001 outings.



For Memorial Day, Tommy and Allison and I went golfing with Papa at Vista Valencia. Tom had a birdie on 8 and barely missed his putt for birdie on 9 too. (I took some pictures, but now I can't find them. It was the first time Allison got to play golf (other than the driving range) with Papa. UPDATE: I finally found the pictures and put them up here on Aug 18.)





For Mothers' Day, Tommy took us all to see the Dodgers against the Braves. He won tickets for writing the winning essay at Take Your Kids to Work Day.



Here's a picture I took holding the camera with my left hand. I am trying to act like I don't know my picture is being taken.



Later that night (still Presidents' Day), Pam took us all to a pro basketball game at the Forum. I should have taken a picture of the traffic on the 5 trying to get into LA. I was very clever and took The Old Road. Unfortunately, about 4 million other people had the same clever idea. Anyway, we finally got there and saw the new Stars (some new league) against the Chicago Windys (or something, I don't really remember, but it had some connection with Chicago). Here's the Stars doggie mascot, and Ken and Jenna Klar. Down below, the official is our pastor, Dave White.



Oma and Opa came to see us on Fourth of July, and we went to the fireworks show at the Valencia Town Center (aka "the mall"). I also got to see Z play some tennis on the 3d.








For Fathers' Day, Pam and the kids took me and Grandma (for her birthday) to see The Lion King at the Pantages Theatre. It was great!


For Presidents' Day, I played golf with Tommy and Allison at the Chica course at Vista Valencia. This was Allison's second time out on a course (not counting the driving range). Here's a nice tee shot she hit to about 6 feet from the pin!



Season tickets are going fast! Order yours today before it's too late!

Hey, I just noticed that ball isn't orange. That's not one of those red, white and blue jobs like they had in the '70s is it? (What was that league? They must have had some promotional deal where they gave those balls out cheap, because I remember every kid in the 4th grade seemed to have one of those. Ok, I guess that would make it around 1971.)