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What are the Gs up to?

Here's some pictures of us!


Here's what we look like when we're all happy at the same time.

Click the links at the left to visit each of our pages for more photos.


River Rafting With Russ

I went river rafting with guys from church in May 2001. Click the link above for my pictures. For those who really need to know, my dmoz description is "Account of a whitewater rafting trip of a group of men from Northpark Community Church, Santa Clarita, California, in May, 2001 on California's Kern River."


I got a new Ewa Marine waterproof bag for my camera to go rafting, and I tried it out first in the pool. Here's some underwater shots. I learned that pictures looking up at the surface look best, and pictures of people jumping in just look like a lot of bubbles.





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