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River Rafting With Russ
Getting There

Russ booked us all in the fine "Barewoods Motel," prompting the question "What is it bares do in the woods?"


Here's the view from the veranda. And below, you can see inside one of the rooms. I have no idea whose room this is. (These guys were some of the lucky few with twin beds.)



This one reminds me of an album cover. "'Get Outa My Face,' the new release from Hardass4, on sale Tuesday."


Above, Enrique enjoys a birthday sundae. It was a double birthday celebration! Except it was even better for Enrique because he didn't have to plan the trip.

Below, Eric and Seth can't wait to get on the river. (Notice Seth's matching shorts/socks ensemble.)





Matt said, "We're all going up to the Cheyenne." I wasn't sure what to expect. I guess I had in the back of my mind that old Jimmy Stewart movie, "The Cheyenne Social Club." Anyway, it was a steak house. Pretty good, too.


Jeff and Joel tank up on McDonald's. They know this may be their last meal, so they're going to have their favorite.


Russ got up early so he wouldn't miss a single minute of his birthday.